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Nowhere is more synonymous with UFOs than Rosmill, the ill-fated town in the Tortoise Islands, and no agency is more dedicated to unearthing the Truth about what really happened on that terrible day, the day that transformed history like no other, the day that frightening "flying disks" cut through the skies, than The UFO Files.

Despite the unexplained disappearance of founding editor James "Scoop" Johnston in 1962, dedicated staff from The UFO Files have honored his memory and achievements by stepping up and continuing his life-long investigations. In his last phone call to his secretary, Betty Bramston, James had said "the sky is not the limit..." before being tragically cut off.

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All we factually know to date about the circumstances surrounding his tragic disappearance is that he was pursuing the identity of the person or person(s) who signed the official authorization that covered up the cover-up. How close was Scoop to the unbelievable truth? Only time will tell, but time isn't talking.

Not even the influential Loungecast newspaper was able to uncover the complete Truth, even though some of their finest investigative journalists worked tirelessly on the case for many years. Scoop Johnston II (who took up the investigation after his father's disappearance) added immeasurably to the collated information that comprises the library known simply as "The Archive", until his own coincidental disappearance in 1998.

What about today? Today, more than half a century later, agents from The UFO Files, (with the invaluable help of Scoop Johnston III who fortunately is following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps) are continuing to search historic archives & museum collections and interviewing 'persons of interest' around the globe... agents are even said to have infiltrated the restricted top secret Area 15 facility where military technology is tested in association with the World Chaos Disorganization (WCD)... because one day, even though that day is certain to be a day of reckoning and retribution, and very possibly a day of armageddon, the Truth will finally all be revealed.

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On July 4, 1957, an Unidentified Flying Object ploughed into a field near Rosmill, and the world was never to be the same again. Witnesses described terrifying objects flying at unbelievable speeds as "flying disks." An event that was to be written indelibly into history as the Rosmill Incident. Rosmill, previously known as just a quiet, sleepy town in the far north of the Islands, shot to instant world-wide fame overnight, even though the shocking Incident happened in broad daylight.

A number of very peculiar and at first seemingly unrelated events took place that fateful day. At least a dozen agents from the World Stealth Organization (WSO) were known to be in Rosmill on July 4, considered by security analysts to be almost impossibly coincidental. Why such a significant contingent in such an uneventful town? What did the WSO know that other intelligence agencies didn't?

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The day before the Incident, one of the world's then largest naval vessels, the S.S. Gitanic, weighed anchor just off Rosmill without explanation, without reason. There was no known strategic purpose for this in a military or political sense. Yet no reason has ever been provided by the Government.

And straight after the notorious Incident, there was a 58 minute delay before jets from the Tortoise Islands Air Force base at Area 15 scrambled like an omelette to investigate. Despite Area 15 and the base being just two or three minute's flying time from Rosmill. Advanced supersonic fighter jets under development by the WCD there were also being evaluated at the time, yet they were not authorized to scramble. Could it be that the WSO already knew all the Information? The Government has never provided an explanation for these anomalies.

A number of other strange things happened that week. Strange events that add up, in a complex labyrinth of paradoxical facts and conflicting information, to tell a profound story. But a story that has not yet been told.

The UFO Files was founded by legendary editor Scoop Johnston just 12 days later, dedicated to finding out the Truth, and since those crisis-filled and dramatic days that captivated the entire world, "The Files" has grown into the highly respected and credible far-reaching global media conglomerate it has become today.


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The UFO Files has obtained more than 10,000 pages of documents pertaining to the Rosmill Incident from the Government of the Tortoise Islands. These documents reveal much about the incredible inside story of Area 15, the mysterious "Forensic 12" group, space ship reverse engineering, and numerous other related extra-terrestrial events surrounding the horrifying crash of the flying disk in '57.

A further 5,000 pages were forthcoming from the WCD and the MIFSS who of course have also investigated the Incident in great depth. Still more frightening evidence has been obtained from investigative journalists at Loungecast and subsequently added to The Archive.

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No other place in the world has had as many confirmed UFO sightings as the Rosmill region, and The UFO Files has spared no effort in obtaining information — wherever it is hidden. Wherever it is being withheld.

The great breakthrough came in 1998 when top secret documents were passed from a maverick Lieutenant in the Tortoise Island's Air Force to TrickiLeaks, who in turn passed on the information to The UFO Files in a series of clandestine meetings in secret locations in 16 countries over the course of two years.

Regrettably, Scoop Johnston II disappeared only five days later, along with the majority of the documents. Hundreds of agents are now pursuing these documents around the globe. But the documents still in possession tell a tantalizing story, so extreme that it is almost beyond human imagination, and most definitely unpublishable on the common internet.

This information, what remains thereof, is continually being collated and analysed — and a deeply disturbing picture is beginning to emerge about UFO visitations on Earth, why aliens are here, what the frightening future will bring, and most importantly — who they are cooperating with.

Yes, it's a terrifying and horrifying story, a story of incredible danger, a near hopeless race against time — but the alternative would be even worse — not knowing, not having the critical information from The UFO Files, to give you a sporting chance, however slim, at survival, when the final Visitation begins.

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